Do It Yourself

Our services could prove invaluable for people undertaking DIY renovations. We have first hand experience with all the challenges and benefits a DIY approach can provide. The space planning stage would remain the same (see Space Planning and Step by Step). With your space plan in hand you could proceed in 2 ways.

DIY help retainer (recommended)

We can be retained for the duration of your project and provide continuous support and guidance in areas such as: prioritizing expenditures, order of operation, helping with decisions on finishing choices, and sparing you making costly mistakes. We can source products at wholesale prices and recommend necessary trades. We can also provide certain services such as tile layout, custom tile design and lighting layout to help you achieve professional looking results.


If you think the retainer is not the right option for your project, we can bill hourly for any of the select services you choose to use, as you use them.