What is ergonomic design?

Simply put ergonomic design can be defined as comfortable design.  It’s comfortable, because it was designed around the needs of the user and not around the needs of the builder (for example). The design of the home should accommodate the inhabitants, not the other way around.

We look at the overall flow of your home as well as your specific needs and can make suggestions to improve the usability of your layout.

Here are some examples of where ergonomic home design can make a huge difference in your quality of life:

Families with young children

Safe kitchen layout that allows easy supervision, storage, and eliminates tripping hazards. Homes designed to encourage kids’ independence while being safe at the same time. Play and craft area organization to engage kids and encourage independent work.

Aging in place

Accessible storage and appliances, concise kitchen layout, zones that can accommodate mobility assistance (walkers, wheel chairs, etc.)

Limited space

Increasing usability in small square footage by refining the homeowner’s needs and allocating spaces to specific uses.